Can we get a refund for our team entry?

Refunds will be given to team up until October 1st.  This gives us time to find a replacement team before the Competition Starts

How old do you have to be to compete?

All team leads must be 18 years or older

What do you have to cook to compete?

There is a Shade Tree competition and a Master Series Competition.

A Master Series Sanctioned Contest requires the teams to cook 4 types of meat (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, & Brisket).  The cooking source at a Master Series Sanctioned Contest shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal.  KCBS Rules and regulations apply

Shade Tree Contest requires the teams to cook 2 types of meat (Chicken and Pork Ribs).  The cooking source at a Shade Tree Contest shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal.  KCBS Rules and regulations apply

Are there any specific rules for competing?

Rules for the BBQ Brawl are:  There are NO RULES!   Let’s get it on!  J/K Standard KCBS Backyard Rules apply.

How big are the cooking spaces and when do we get to choose where we are?

Cooking spaces will be 20×40 and spaces will be chosen by Electrical Needs!

When can we set up our cook site?

Set up will be 8am to 11pm Thursday October 24th and 8am to 5pm Friday October 25th.

Will there be a meat inspection?

Yes! Meat must be inspected before cooking. Meat inspections will be conducted on Friday until 6PM and Saturday morning by a KCBS representative

Will there be water, electricity, and ice?

Yes! Electricity will be provided as well as water.  An extension cord with splitter or a water connection with splitter is required.  Ice will be available for sale throughout the weekend

Can I bring beer into my cook site?

Yes! Beer can be brought in any time before 5pm on Friday October 28th and before 8am Saturday October 29th.

Does my BBQ Entry fee get me into the Music Shows?

Yes! You will have access for all 4 members of your team

If I have any further questions who do I contact?

Please email your questions to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.